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We are the efficient development partner for various e-commerce business. Remarkable websites are designed with clear vision and backed up by the appropriate technologies. It all started in a coffee break with Aravind Ramalingam, CEO - Citrisys Solutions to focus on e-commerce development and solutions.

At DiligentSquad, a team of young and energetic professionals who are thriving for perfection can design cutting-edge websites and web based solutions using world class frameworks.

We are experts in Oracle ATG commerce, SAP HYBRIS, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Angularjs and so on. We will make your online experience an awesome one from the development of the unique websites to its launch and subsequent developments.

Our Services

We offer exceptional service with complimentary hugs.


Analysts reports that Worldwide e-commerce sales will reach $4 trillion by 2020. A growth of 6-10% every year. At DiligentSquad Technologies we provide a strategic solution for your offline business to turn into a web business, which differentiates us as e-commerce experts rather than a website developer. We offer consulting on platform selection, performance improvements, analyse and understand your business model and help to improve the e-commerce site into a robust and scalable one.


Sometimes websites are loaded with heavy features which makes too hard to handle & maintain.We provide complete maintenance support from the initial handover and post-delivery services. We offer managed services for customers who cannot handle their vast grown complex web applications by redesigning it completely or fixing critical bugs to get the revenue into their e-commerce business. Some of our services are designing, assessment, content management system(CMS), deployment, performance and post implementation service.


Around 71% shoppers believe shopping online given them better deal than in-stores (source: Readycloud). Utilizing the advanced e-commerce technology, we can build your site as an interactive sales platform with complete shopping cart functionality and a flawless payment gateway.Whether it is a site for e-commerce or for contents limited sales or highly traffic site.We personalize your business journey by relying on the right tools and not a one free size-fitting-all tech stacks. We have significant experience in delivering bespoke e-commerce implementations projects with complex integrations with expertise in Oracle ATG commerce, SAP HYBRIS, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Angularjs, php and so on.


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